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Solution to bad dewatering of DSM screen


  • The feeding mode of demineralization DSM screen is changed from direct feeding to overflow, and the feeding is fed along the tangent line of DSM.
    After the transformation, the feeding is uniform in the width direction of the DSM screen, and can be fed into the DSM screen strictly according to the tangent direction, so that the effective area of the DSM screen can be fully utilized, and the dehydration effect of theDSM screen is greatly improved.
  • Because the screen gap size of DSM screen is the decisive factor of its retained particle size.
  • Therefore, the management of screen surface is the key to production management. While ensuring that the screen surface is intact, the DSM screen should be turned over and turned around regularly to ensure that the screen strip on the lower side of the screen gap has certain edges and corners, so as to improve the desliming and dehydration effect of the DSM 
  • A large exhaust hole is installed on the DSM screening material box to slow down the pressure of materials, make materials evenly distributed in the box, and then feed them into the DSM screen evenly.
  • The pressure of material flowing into the DSM screen is reduced, and the problems of material channeling caused by too fast material flow rate and poor discharge effect of the DSM screen are avoided.
  • A transverse baffle is added on the screen surface of theDSM screen to reduce the flow rate of materials on the DSM screen and increase the movement time.
  • Adjust the angle of DSM