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Special scraper filter for viscous liquid


Scraper filter is a fully automatic self-cleaning filter, because of its excellent performance, it is very popular in the market.
Scraper type filter structure composition: scraper type self-cleaning filter is composed of cylinder, wedge wire filter, scraper system, pressure detection, and industrial control system, and automatic sewage system.

Filtering principle of scraper filter: the filtering material enters the wedge wire filter screen through the inlet flange, and the impurities larger than the clearance of the wedge wire filter screen are intercepted on the side of the filter surface of the screen. After the filter screen component runs for a certain time, that is, when the difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure reaches the preset value (the set value can be the empirical value or the debugging value), the PLC controller will automatically start the reducer to work and drive the rotation The scraper can remove the dirt on the filter screen. The control system can automatically calculate the working time and turning direction of the hob according to the interception degree of different materials and impurities, and then automatically open the blowdown valve for blowdown, and automatically control the blowdown time.
So reciprocating work, the maximum reasonable to remove impurities, self-cleaning filtering effect, minimize the wear of the filter.

Design features of scraper filter:

1) New scraper design, using a high-strength plastic scraper, on the basis of the original scraper added spring compensation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance;

2) The scraper system fits perfectly with the wedge net, and the impurities are removed thoroughly;

3) The PLC control cabinet can display the inlet and outlet pressure and differential pressure curve as well as the working state of the equipment under various operating conditions;

4) PLC control cabinet adopts three starting modes: pressure difference, time, and manual;

5) The scraper system is highly integrated and easy to install and replace.

Application scope of scraper type filter: it can be used for medium and high viscosity liquid filtration, and has been applied in many industries.

1) Industrial circulating water, iron, and steel industry blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machine and other circulating water, condensate water, cooling water;

2) Raw water filtration: seawater desalination, river water, surface water, and incoming water pretreatment;

3) Environmental protection engineering: bag type, core type, UF, RO membrane, and other pre-filtration;

4) Paper industry: raw water, white water filtration, protection nozzle;

5) Others: central air conditioning system of cooling water, condensate, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, and other cleaning and filtration.