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Super duplex steel 2205 material filter element


Bluslot provides customized service of super duplex steel 2205 wedge wire filter element.

Duplex stainless steel 2205 Standard No.: ASTM a240 / a240m — 01 duplex stainless steel 2205 alloy is a compound stainless steel composed of 22% chromium, 2.5% molybdenum and 4.5% nickel nitrogen alloy. It has high strength, good impact toughness and good overall and local stress corrosion resistance.

The yield strength of 2205 duplex stainless steel is more than twice that of ordinary austenitic stainless steel. This feature makes the designer reduce the weight when designing products, making this alloy more cost-effective than 316317l. This alloy is particularly suitable for the temperature range of – 50 ° f / + 600 ° F. For applications beyond this temperature range, this alloy can also be considered, but there are some limitations, especially for welded structures.

The chemical composition of 2205 can obtain an ideal microstructure 50 after solid melt annealing at 1900 ° / 1922 ° f (1040 ° / 1080 ° C) α / fifty γ 。 If the heat treatment temperature is higher than 2000 ° F, it may lead to an increase in ferrite composition. Like other duplex stainless steels, 2205 alloy is easily affected by intermetallic precipitation. The intermetallic phase precipitates between 1300 ° F and 1800 ° F, and the precipitation rate is the fastest at 1600 ° F. Therefore, we need to test 2205 to ensure that there is no intermetallic phase. Refer to ASTM A 923 for the test.