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Water treatment filtration equipment for the swimming pool industry


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In terms of the total amount of wastewater, such as papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemicals, pesticides, etc., the amount of water is small and the pollution surface is narrow.
However, due to the wide distribution of factories in the surface treatment industry and the variety of high-toxic substances contained in wastewater, its harmfulness is very great.
Untreated electroplating wastewater discharged into rivers, ponds, and seeps into the ground will not only harm the environment, but also pollute drinking water and industrial water.

Swimming pool water treatment equipment

When we are in the market, we often hear customers asking many swimming pool operators who don’t know what to do next when facing new swimming pools. Not sure how to choose the right water treatment equipment.

After the pool is built, if it is to be opened normally, first of all, it is necessary to keep the water clean and sanitary, then it is necessary to recycle the pool water to remove the suspended solids, impurities, ammonia nitrogen, urea and other harmful organic substances in the pool, which requires the use of the pool water treatment equipment.

Fully automatic filter is a modern automatic water treatment equipment that leads the international level.
No need to flush the water tank, no need to flush the water pump.
Multilayer composite filter material, automatic roll washing / back washing, automatic arrangement, no hardening of filter material, no need to replace.
UPVC material, non-toxic, noncorrosive, maintenance free.

The swimming pool water purification equipment has eliminated the internationally used manual, electric and pneumatic valves.
The electric circuit, oil circuit and gas circuit are eliminated.
The coil, element, motor, gear and piston are eliminated.
The control parts and all moving parts which are converted many times are eliminated.
Towards the direct control of the characteristics of the water itself, a fixed UPVC structure to meet the flow of water.

According to the principles of hydraulics, water chemistry and bionics, it realizes its fully automatic control, which is 100% corresponding and accurate, and there are no more mistakes.

Since then, in the field of water treatment, all kinds of accidents such as power failure, dampness, burning, corrosion, jamming, damage, misoperation, etc. have been eliminated; no need for human operation, no maintenance, no maintenance, once and for all.

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