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Three layer filtration of vacuum pump filter element


The filter element of vacuum pump is a small part of the vacuum pump. Although it looks insignificant, if the vacuum pump wants to operate normally and improve the operation efficiency, it needs to be filtered by the filter element of vacuum pump, so as to protect the vacuum pump and reduce the degree of damage. In general, a good quality vacuum pump filter element will filter the vacuum pump three times.

  • Air filtration
    The first filter layer of the filter element of the vacuum pump is also a relatively rough filter, that is, when the vacuum pump is working, the dust and small particle impurities contained in the inhaled gas will be intercepted. Through the filtration of these external impurities, the filtration pressure of the latter two levels can be greatly reduced, and the damage degree of the internal system parts of the vacuum pump in operation can be reduced, and the service time can be prolonged.
  • Filter the vacuum pump oil
    As a medium for vacuum pump to realize vacuum function, the quality of vacuum pump oil must be guaranteed. Because the vacuum pump in the operation, the oil has been in a high temperature environment, will slowly deteriorate, gradually carbonization, gelatinization. In addition, the internal parts of the vacuum pump system will produce friction damage when it rotates at high speed, and produce some dust particles, which will be mixed with the deteriorated vacuum pump oil. If it is not handled in time, it will cause greater damage to the vacuum pump and produce more impurities. The second filter layer of the vacuum pump filter element with moderate price is to filter the oil, and then collect it to protect the internal parts of the vacuum pump.
  • Exhaust filtration
    Because the vacuum pump needs to use lubricating oil, vacuum pump oil and so on, the exhaust gas will contain a lot of oil mist particles. If it is not separated, these oil mist particles will be discharged together with the exhaust gas, polluting the air and environment of the factory. And the use of vacuum pump oil is very fast, every day to the vacuum pump oil, so you need the vacuum pump filter element to filter the discharged gas. The exhaust gas needs to pass through the filter paper of the filter element of the vacuum pump when it is discharged. The material used to make the filter paper is very special and has very high precision. The oil mist particles are in the form of liquid and can not directly pass through the filter paper, so they can only be filtered out and attached to the filter paper. Slowly, these oil mist particles will gather into oil and flow back to the inside of the vacuum pump, The filtered gas without oil mist particles is discharged smoothly through the filter paper.
    Although the parts are small, they play a very important role in the whole machine. The three-layer filtration of the filter element of the vacuum pump can not only improve the working efficiency of the vacuum pump, but also reduce the damage of the external environment and internal itself to the vacuum pump. Only in this way can it be used for a long time and produce more benefits for the factory.