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Treatment of battery production wastewater by automatic filter


As we all know, if the battery production wastewater is not effectively treated, it will cause serious pollution to the environment. Full automatic filter is used to filter it and effectively treat wastewater.

Batteries play an important role in our life, and the demand for batteries is increasing day by day. Therefore, the effective treatment of battery wastewater should also attract great attention.

The full-automatic filter is a precision equipment that directly intercepts the impurities in the water by using the filter screen, removes the suspended solids and particles in the water, reduces the turbidity, purifies the water quality, and reduces the generation of dirt, bacteria, algae and rust in the system, so as to purify the water quality and protect the normal operation of other equipment in the system.

The automatic filter not only has the purpose of purifying the water source, but also the water source treated by the automatic filter can be reused and recycled, effectively saving water resources.

Under the vigorous use of automatic filter water treatment equipment in battery production plant, water resources have been effectively and reasonably treated and applied. The use of automatic filter saves a lot of water resources for battery manufacturers.

The automatic filter has the characteristics of stable effluent quality, low operation cost, small floor area and long service life. The operation cost of the automatic filter is low, which saves part of the expenses for the battery factory and promotes its economic development.