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Treatment of Citrus wastewater with automatic filter


Experts said that the wastewater discharged from the processing of canned citrus has high organic matter content, high suspended solids concentration and good biodegradability. The use of automatic filter for its treatment not only effectively saves water resources, but also promotes its economic development.

The full-automatic filter is a precision equipment that uses the filter screen to directly intercept impurities in the water, remove suspended solids and particles in the water, reduce turbidity, purify water quality and reduce the generation of system dirt, bacteria, algae and rust, so as to purify water quality and protect the normal operation of other equipment in the system. Water enters the full-automatic filter body from the water inlet. Due to the intelligent (PLC, PAC) design, The system can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and send a signal to the blowdown valve for automatic blowdown. The full-automatic filter overcomes many shortcomings of traditional filter products, such as small pollution capacity, easy to be blocked by dirt, the filter part needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and the filter state cannot be monitored. It has the function of filtering raw water and automatically cleaning and discharging the filter element, and the system provides uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and discharging, with a high degree of automation.

The automatic filter has the characteristics of stable effluent quality, low operation cost, small floor area and long service life. The application of automatic filter makes citrus wastewater effectively treated and reasonably utilized.