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Treatment of mine wastewater with self-cleaning filter


Mine wastewater not only has the characteristics of groundwater, but also is polluted by the production process. It is usually black brown or yellowish brown. If it is directly discharged into rivers, lakes and other water bodies, it will cause serious harm to the aquatic ecosystem. At present, self-cleaning filter is used to treat it effectively in China.

Fly ash, commonly known as fly ash, is a fine powdery industrial waste residue collected from flue gas after pulverized coal is burned in a furnace at 1300-l 500 ℃. In recent years, with the increasing contradiction between international energy supply and demand and higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, fly ash, which has been used as solid waste for a long time, has become a research hotspot of people’s comprehensive utilization. The utilization rate of fly ash in developed countries such as Europe and America is 70% ~ 80%, while the utilization rate of fly ash in China is only 40% ~ 50%. However, China is the largest coal producer and consumer in the world. According to statistics, among China’s coal varieties, the ash content of general bituminous coal is less than 25%, while the ash content of lignite, low-grade bituminous coal, anthracite and stone coal is higher, some as high as more than 50%, so more fly ash is emitted during combustion, The average output is 250 ~ 300 kg / T and is increasing at the rate of 1.8x10st per year. It is expected that the total stockpile of fly ash will exceed 3xlo9 by 2020. The stacking of fly ash not only occupies a lot of land, but also causes serious environmental pollution and serious harm to human health.

The self-cleaning filter directly intercepts the impurities in the water by using the wedge wire filter screen, removes the suspended solids and particles in the water, reduces the turbidity, purifies the water quality, and reduces the generation of dirt, bacteria, algae and rust in the system, so as to purify the water quality and protect the normal operation of other equipment in the system. The water quality treated by the self-cleaning filter meets the national wastewater discharge standard and effectively protects the environment. In addition, the water source treated by the self-cleaning filter can be reused and recycled, effectively saving water and energy.