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Wedge Wire Candle Filter Element For Milk Filtration


Wedge Wire Candle Filter Element For Milk Filtration

Abstract: Milk is rich in protein and a variety of basic nutrients for human body. Public institutions and consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality and high-value milk.

The production of high-quality milk depends on healthy cows, which need to eat nutritious diet and drink plenty of fresh and clean water.

As a rancher of high-quality milk production, every link of high-quality milk production should be strictly controlled.
This blog will introduce the milk filtration in the production of high quality milk.

Milk production is affected by many aspects, specifically as follows:

Dairy comfort, breast health and health, cowshed / milking hall / milking equipment health, milking procedures, milk filtration, milk refrigeration, milking/refrigeration equipment cleaning and other links.

Among them, milk filtration can not only maximize the quality and value of milk, but also protect milking and refrigeration equipment from potential harmful foreign bodies.

This means that filtration can benefit ranchers in two ways:

  1. Save money for ranchers by maximizing milking equipment life and reducing equipment maintenance.
  2. Produce the best quality milk and sell it at the best market price to improve the economic efficiency.

Filtration is a process to separate a substance from other substances. According to different industries and substances to be separated, various types of filtration systems can be used, including self-cleaning filters, electrostatic precipitators, centrifugal filters, cyclones, scrubbers and mechanical separators.

In order to ensure that the nutrition of milk is not destroyed, the pasture often uses mechanical filter to filter the milk, so that the solid particles suspended in the milk are separated before the milk enters the cold tank from the breast tissue of the cow.

The filtered substances include feces, straw, hair, clots and insects, all of which may cause malfunction of milking equipment and contaminate the milk in the cold tank.

Our Johnson screen filter is very suitable for milk filtration.

Slotted screen has unique V-shaped wire structure, continuous slotting structure, high opening area rate, not easy to block, easy to clean and reuse, which is the best filter element of self-cleaning filter.

But the milk filtration of pasture is not a method to solve the poor and unsanitary milking procedure, but the best measure which plays an important role in the good and comprehensive milking management.

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Filter Element For Milk Filtration

Mechanical filtration is a process used in milk filtration of pasture, which is characterized by the gap (slot) size of Johnson screen filter element ranging from 100 to 250 microns and the working pressure of about 50kPa.

Fat balls and other nutrients in milk can pass through wedge-shaped filter elements, while feces, insects or other particulate matter are intercepted.

After milking, the inspection of wedge wire candle filter element can well indicate the health status of the cows’ breasts, and can see whether the preparation method of the nipples before milking is appropriate.

If there is evidence of mucus or clot on the wedge wire screen sieve filter element, it indicates that cows in the herd have clinical mastitis.

Wedge wire filter element selection

In modern milking equipment, pumps are usually used to drive milk through the wedge wire screen milk filter element, so it is necessary to determine the correct filter element size for milk flow and filter housing.

If the gap size of the filter element is too small, the surface area is not enough, so it can not achieve a better effect of efficient filtration.

Johnson screen filter element of correct specification must be selected to complete different filtering tasks in the most suitable way.

At present, we can customize various sizes of special milk wedge wire filter elements to meet different needs.