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Wedge wire screen for Urban sewage treatment equipment


Urban sewage, i.e. domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and runoff sewage within the urban area, is generally collected by urban pipes and canals and discharged into the water body after being treated by the urban sewage treatment plant. In addition to containing a large amount of organic matter, bacteria and viruses, due to the high development of industry, the amount of industrial wastewater (accounting for about 60 ~ 80% of the total amount of urban sewage) The increasingly complex water quality and the increasingly serious pollution of runoff sewage make urban sewage contain various types and degrees of toxic and harmful pollutants. The treatment of urban sewage involves many aspects. It is necessary to make a comprehensive plan for the sewer system, the location and treatment process of sewage treatment plant, and the utilization and discharge requirements of treated sewage. 

The urban sewage treatment method in the prior art is often discharged to the sewer, and then filtered by simple filtration equipment and discharged into the odor ditch, which causes great pollution to the environment and poor filtration effect. Moreover, the filtration equipment in the prior art is often inconvenient to disassemble and can not well clean up the sludge accumulated in the sewage treatment equipment for a long time, At the same time, if it is used for a long time, the sewage filtration effect will become worse.     

The wedge wire filter element is applied to the sewage treatment technology, in particular to a municipal sewage treatment equipment and sewage treatment method, which comprises a sewage treatment tank, a left sealing ring and a right sealing ring. The interior of the sewage treatment tank is provided with a sewage treatment chamber, and a sludge wedge wire filter screen is fixedly installed on the left side of the sewage treatment chamber, The sewage treatment chamber is provided with two groups of diaphragms at intervals at the right end of the sludge filter screen, the sewage treatment chamber is provided with coarse sand filter layer, fine sand filter layer and activated carbon filter layer at the right end of the right diaphragm from left to right, a disinfection chamber is formed between the sludge filter screen and the left diaphragm, and a disinfectant pouring nozzle is arranged at the top of the disinfection chamber, The disinfectant pouring nozzle is plugged with a first sealing plug. The invention provides an urban sewage treatment equipment and sewage treatment method which can filter and disinfect urban sewage, facilitate disassembly, and ensure the filtering effect of sewage treatment equipment.