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What are the characteristics of integral spiral drill pipe


Spiral drill pipe, after you have heard it, you may know what it is literally. Drilling tools are widely used in the mining industry, especially in drilling.

1) Compared with the conventional coal mine full hydraulic drilling rig, the application of drill pipe does not need to upgrade the current drilling rig, and will not improve the exploration engineering construction process and the work intensity of construction personnel.

2) To arrange single head, double head or three head spiral milling groove in drill pipe axial field, it is necessary to ensure not only the overall hardness of drill pipe, but also the professional ability of mixing and discharging powder.

3) The connector adopts the double top diameter structure feature, adopts the inclined ladder tooth type, and the tensile strength and torsional strength are increased by 30% and 40% respectively compared with the conventional drill pipe; Fully considering the technical application of screen pipe under soft coal and rock, there are two kinds of connector design ideas: conventional diameter and large diameter.

4) The basic parameters of spiral groove milling include deep layer, total width and groove structure. The deep and total width of the milling groove refer to the welded wide wing and spiral drill pipe wing, and the milling groove angle adopts too many arcs to reduce the internal stress.

5) Friction welding technology is adopted for the joint. The technology has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution, high level of mechanical automation and high production efficiency.

6) The joint is annealed by heat treatment to improve its comprehensive mechanical properties.

7) The integral spiral drill pipe adopts common heat treatment tempering annealing process.

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