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What are the filters and filter elements used in the paper industry?


What are the filters and filter elements used in the paper industry?
Since the Western Han Dynasty, papermaking technology has developed for more than 2000 years in China, and the pulp and paper industry has become one of the main energy-consuming industries in China.
In the process of papermaking, from material preparation machinery to pulping machinery, and then to paper making machinery, each process of machinery will produce different degrees of pollution, and the impurities in the machinery oil may affect the operation of the machine or cause accelerated mechanical wear, thus shortening the life of the machine.
If you want to improve these conditions, you need to use filters and filter elements. The following is a brief introduction of several filters and filter elements that are necessary for the paper industry.

  • Hydraulic oil filter
    In the hydraulic system of the paper industry, the lubricating oil used to reduce wear in the operation of various machines may contain impurities of mechanical wear, impurities in the oil, etc. in this system, an oil filter element is used to remove impurities in the oil, which can reduce the wear of the machine and increase the service life of the machine.
  • Filter bag
    In the pulping process of the paper industry, there may be different impurities or air impurities, which can be filtered by a filter bag. The cost of the filter bag is low, and it is convenient and affordable to use.
  • Coating filter
    In the process of papermaking, to make the paperwhite and clean, the upper grade, especially the copper sheet paper with good quality, all the coating should be added. Of course, the coating may contain various impurities. The color of the paper is not uniform. Then the filter of the filter paint can be selected here. The paint filter produced by IDA does not need to add any power device, It also reduces the noise pollution in the paper workshop.

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  • Self-cleaning filter
    We can use our specially designed self-cleaning filter to filter white water, large particles in groundwater, circulating water, and so on. We will show you our advanced technical design and optimal price.

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  • Activated carbon filter
    The activated carbon filter is widely used in the papermaking industry due to its good effect on dechlorination, deodorization, and organic solvent decolorization. Sewage has been treated to a certain extent, effectively reducing the degree of pollution in the paper industry.

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