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Why do boilers need water softening?


Bluslot filter provides customized processing services for filter elements of the boiler water softening system.
The main products include:

  1. wedge wire filter (filtration).
  2. Johnson screens distributors (water distribution).
  3. resin trap screen (resin capture).

Influence of Scale on Boiler

Scale affects heat transfer and leads to poor heat transfer.
The scale precipitates and blocks the pipeline in the boiler.
Sediment corrosion.
The boiler efficiency is reduced.
Pollution in the boiler.

The water softening system can greatly reduce the formation of scale, prevent scaling, corrosion and blockage, improve boiler efficiency, reduce boiler usage, downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.
Due to the difference in water quality and working environment, it is necessary to detect the water quality and select the most suitable water treatment device and softener when selecting a boiler water treatment system.

Application of Wedge Wire Screen Filter Products In Filtration Water Treatment System

Wedge wire filter – It is mainly used in the pretreatment system.
Pretreatment is the most important part of the whole boiler water treatment system. Large particles and impurities in water need to be removed in this process.
Our wedge wire screen filter element has a minimum filtration accuracy of 10 microns, which can perform this role excellently. Due to the special V-shaped wire structure, it is not easy to block and has a longer service life.

Johnson screens distributors – Water distribution device.
Its advantages are not easy to block, easy to clean, easy to install, high flow.

Resin trap screen – resin capture.
Ion exchange resin is the core material of water softening system. The loss of resin will not only increase the cost, but also block the expensive downstream equipment. The resin trap screen is necessary.

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