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Working principle of screw drill


The screw drill can also be called the earth drill. When we use the earth drill, we want to know what the working principle of the earth drill is? In fact, the principle of the drill is very simple.

The small hydraulic auger is a kind of auger blade drilling machine, which is installed on the hydraulic excavator or skid loader. The hydraulic oil supplied by the main machine is output to the lower end of the drill pipe through the hydraulic motor in the driving head and the reduction box. The lower end of the drill pipe is welded with the auger blade and a special drill bit, and the auger drills down into the soil layer to form a circular hole.

Because the drill pipe is spiral blade and the drilling method is whirlpool advance and retreat, it is named spiral drill. The hydraulic power of the drilling rig is provided by the hydraulic excavator engine, which belongs to the front-end device of the excavator, also known as the excavator accessories.

The hydraulic screw drilling rig kit includes the main engine quick link, hydraulic drive head, square installation link head, spiral drill pipe, spiral blade, easy to install gear seat, auxiliary group teeth and main drilling teeth. The slide way and balance bar are set on the quick linker of the main engine, which can make the sagging drilling machine work in multiple directions quickly and ensure the perpendicularity of the drilling.

It can not only coordinate the operation with the ground flexibly, but also protect the drill pipe well. Due to its simple and fast installation, light body, less restrictions on the main engine and low rental cost, the small hydraulic auger can be used as its main engine, unlike the large pile drill, which must use a special machine Therefore, it has been widely used in projects of different sizes by Chinese people in just a few years after it was introduced from abroad.

It can be seen that the hydraulic screw drilling machine can effectively improve the efficiency of operation. The drill pipe movement up and down is realized by different types of driving devices to the reducer, which is more conducive to the downward force drilling; The drill pipe is a spiral blade drill pipe, and the soil material can return to the ground along the blade during drilling. Make the hole size clear and accurate.

Principle analysis of soil drill: ant screw drill is manufactured according to the latest international standards, using imported high-quality en series gear steel and the latest processing technology. The driving head of ant auger is the most important part of auger, which is composed of imported hydraulic motor and planetary gear reducer.

At the same time, ant company produces a variety of specifications of rock drill pipe, common texture drill pipe and six types of driving head. At the same time, through the production of various specifications of bracket, drill pipe extension rod, ant drilling machine can be used with a variety of specifications of excavators, loaders, etc., and make the drilling deeper.

Drill pipe specifications, diameter range of 10mm-1500mm, the maximum drilling depth can reach 12m.

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