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Zero Carbonization Of Pig Manure


Large pig farms around the world have a very headache: the disposal of pig manure.
If you have the experience of living near a farm, your memories are painful, just like a colleague of mine who lives in a small rural area in China. Eighty percent of the villagers in their small village live on pigs. Reforms were carried out ten years ago, a large pig farm was built in the village, which brought economic benefits and caused trouble to live.
In the hot summer, a disgusting smell enveloped the village, mosquitoes, and flies were flying all over the sky, seriously affecting the lives of the villagers.

Manure treatment is an important job of the farm, and how to solve this problem perfectly is Bluslot’s important job in 2014.

Simple operation, no maintenance, removal of odors, and monetization of pig farm manure are the four main points that Bluslot pays most attention to in the development of new equipment.
In 2015, bluslot successfully developed a Blu-type manure separator suitable for small and medium-sized pig farms, as well as the screw press screen which is not easy to be blocked and has a longer service life.

  1. After the pig farm manure is dewatering by Blu separator, the dry manure will no longer send out bad smell, and will become economic crop fertilizer after processing.
  2. The dehydrated liquid manure will be discharged into the biogas digester, and after further treatment, the gas will be pumped to the treatment station to remove water vapor and carbon dioxide. The rest is almost pure methane, also known as natural gas, that can be burned in any gas-fired household stove or power plant.

The basic idea of turning fertilizer into energy is not new. Many dairy farms are doing similar things, often using biogas to power generators on site. The advantage of bluslot separator is that it is more economical, low cost and more suitable for small and medium-sized pig farms. Moreover, the new screw press filter screen developed by bluslot is not easy to be blocked and cleaned, and its service life is more than twice that of conventional products on the market.