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10 Microns Wedge Wire Screen Filter For Sugar Refinery


Bluslot® 10 microns V wire screen filter is ready for delivery, The total 100 sets of wedge wire screen filter will be used in a large American sugar refinery.

Bluslot-S series Johnson screen sugar filter is specially designed for the fine filtration process in a sugar factory, with excellent working efficiency and service life.

Bluslot® S Series Sugar Refinery Wedge Wire Filter Performance Parameters:

  • Material: SUS 304.
  • Flow rate: 80 m³/hr
  • Fluid: Sugar liquor
  • Temperature: 80 to 85 Deg C. (Ave 83 deg C)
  • Viscosity : 7.6 cP
  • Dissolved Solids Concentration: 64 Brix.
  • Total Suspended Solids. 200 PPM needs to drop below 20 PPM
  • Screen size:10 µm or close.
  • Construction: Wedge wire internal axial
  • Application: Filtered raw liquor from the deep bed filters to be polish filtered before feeding to the carbon columns.

About The 10 Microns Wedge Wire Filter

Bluslot breaks through the gap size limit of the wedge wire screen filter element, from the original 20 microns to the current 10 microns.
This technological breakthrough allows the wedge wire screen to be applied to more sophisticated filtration applications.

The gap size tolerance of our 10-micron filter element is 0.005mm, adopting advanced ring welding technology, firm structure, and precise gap, it is the perfect solution for sugar factory precision filtration.