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D68804 Filter Element



D68804 Filter

This product is a replacement filter element for Internormen D68804 filter, and the product specification and quality are the same as the original product.

D68804 filter is mainly used in pressure oil system. Our products have great advantages in structural strength and quality stability.

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Basic information of D68804 Filter

MediaFiberglass or metal
TypeHydraulic Filter Cartridge
ApplicationHydraulic and lubrication systems
Working hours1500-2500 hours
Packingcarton and fumigation-free wooden box
ShippingShip to all parts of the world by express, air, sea within 3 days
The D68804 filter element can also be applied to the gearbox lubrication system. It adopts the principle of surface filtration to protect the gearbox from being polluted and blocked by particulate impurities and maintain a good working condition.
Bluslot’s replacement filter products have high efficiency and high dirt holding capacity and can operate efficiently in different usage environments.

FAQ For D68804 Filter

How to ensure the product quality of D68804 Filter?

We have three quality inspection processes before the products leave the factory. They are raw material testing, finished product testing, and packaging testing, which can ensure high-quality products.

If there is a problem with the quality, how to solve it?

No product can be guaranteed to be 100% free from problems. We guarantee that if there is a quality problem (non-artificial), we will exchange qualified products for free.

Is the price cheap and is there a discount?

Our fully automatic artificial intelligence production line greatly reduces the cost and can provide the most competitive price. We will have a big discount for single product purchases of more than 20 pieces.

Is the size the same, can I use it?

Our products meet specifications and can provide dimensional inspection reports, so you can use them with confidence.

How long will it take to receive the goods?

We will deliver the goods within two days, and you will receive the goods within 5 days at the earliest.

Do you have stock for D68804 Filter Element?

We keep 500 pieces in stock all year round and can ship within 8 hours.
If special materials or sizes are required, we can ship within 5 days.

Besides D68804 Filter, what other filter element can you do?

We have 13 filter element production lines and can customize various specifications of filter products. In addition, we can also provide design services for non-standard custom filter elements.

How to get a quote for D68804 Filter?

Due to the different quantities of products required by different customers, different shipping addresses and different packaging requirements, the prices of the products are different. 
Please leave us a message or send an email, we will reply within 1 hour (working hours).

How to solve the quality problem of D68804 Filter?

First of all, our quality inspection department will ensure the quality of the products. If there is a quality problem, we will exchange the goods for free.

Do you provide samples?

We can provide free samples of D68804 Filter, customers only need to pay the shipping cost.

How to ship?

Depending on the quantity required, we support express(FedEx, DHL,UPS,TNT), air and sea freight.

What are the advantages of your D68804 filter element?

1. Competitiveness price.
High quality material.
Fast delivery time.
The structure is firm and not easily deformed.
The surface of the product is bright.
Simple in process, uniform in filtering particles.  
Large flow rate.
High temperature resistance.   

If you are interested in our D68804 filter please send us an email.