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Filter element for Heat exchanger


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Heat exchanger.

Our main products: Johnson type centerpipes & Vee wire scallop.

A heat exchange device is a device that transfers the heat of one fluid to another. All heating equipment can be shared by the whole plant or set with steam turbine. In order to prevent scaling and corrosion of equipment and pipelines, the incoming water of evaporator and make-up water of circulating water of thermal network also need to be softened and deaerated to varying degrees, but its requirements are far lower than those of boiler feed water.

A device that transfers heat from one fluid to another. It is divided into mixed type and surface type. The heat transfer process in the hybrid heat exchange device is through the direct mixing of hot fluid and cold fluid. Hybrid condenser is a kind of hybrid heat exchange device.

The utility model relates to a surface type heat exchange device. There are vertical and horizontal. The movement of water is a natural cycle formed by the different specific gravity of water and steam water mixture. In order to reduce the secondary steam carrying water, in addition to ensuring a certain steam space, a steam water separation device is also installed at the steam outlet. When the secondary steam supply is large, the number of evaporators can be increased in parallel.

A surface heat exchanger similar to a low-pressure regenerative heater (see feedwater heater). The water flows in the pipe and the heated steam condenses outside the pipe. Heating network heaters can be divided into base load heaters and peak load heaters according to their functions. The base load heater uses the steam turbine 0.12 ~ 0.25 MPa to adjust the extraction steam (see cogeneration) as the heat source, which can heat the heating network water to more than 95 ℃, which can meet the general heating needs. The peak load heater uses the steam extraction of the steam turbine with higher pressure to heat the water to 130 ~ 150 ℃ or higher. It only operates in series with the base load heater in the coldest short term. The purpose of this staged heating is to save high-pressure steam extraction and improve thermal economy. In addition, in order to save the investment of heating network pipeline and the power consumption of circulating water pump in heating network.