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Filter element for Latex coating


Bluslot customized filter element specially used in Latex coating.

Latex paint is a kind of waterborne coating made of synthetic resin emulsion, which is made up of pigments, fillers and various auxiliaries. It is also called synthetic resin emulsion paint. It is one kind of organic coatings. All coatings with water as solvent or dispersion medium can be called water-based coatings, including water-soluble coatings, water dilution coatings and water dispersible coatings (latex coatings). According to the different production raw materials, emulsion paint mainly includes polyvinyl acetate emulsion paint, ethylene propylene emulsion paint, pure acrylic emulsion paint and other varieties. According to the different applicable environment of the product, it can be divided into interior wall and exterior wall emulsion paint. According to the gloss effect of decoration, it can be divided into matte, matte, semi gloss, mercerized and shiny types.