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Urban Sewage Treatment


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There seems to be a contradictory relationship between economic development and environmental protection. Urban development will cause waste of resources and even damage to the environment, and the quality of people’s living standards will correspondingly decline, causing people’s dissatisfaction and social panic.

Water pollution, environment pollution and air pollution are the most typical problems in the process of urbanization.

Among them, water resources are the basis of our human survival, and the pollution of water resources will have a great impact on our lives.
How to solve the problem of urban water body odor is one of the most important problems in the current economic development. This paper discusses the problem in detail and puts forward some suggestions, hoping to be helpful to the treatment of urban water pollution.

Key words: black and smelly water, treatment technology, development trend.

Existing problems

Urban water generally refers to the water body that has a direct relationship with the city’s functions, generally refers to the underground channels, Lake landscapes, fountains and other water bodies of the river section flowing through the city, these water bodies are closely related to the urban environment, and protecting these water bodies plays an important role in the environmental protection of urban development.

As for the urban water pollution and odor, the reason lies in that there are too many algae or organic nutrients in the water, which leads to the air can not circulate and a large number of organisms in the water die.
In the long run, the quality of urban water will be further deteriorated.

Current situation of treatment technology of black and odorous water body

According to different governance principles, governance technologies can be divided into three categories: chemical remediation, physical remediation and biological remediation.

(1) Chemical repair.
Chemical remediation technology refers to the delivery of chemicals such as quicklime, hydrogen peroxide, aluminum salt, iron oxide, etc. into the black and smelly water body. The chemicals react with the pollutants in the water body to eliminate or form sediment, so as to remove the pollutants in the black and smelly water body.
Chemical remediation technology has the advantages of high efficiency, which can quickly reduce the content of pollutants in the water body and improve the water quality in a short time. However, chemical remediation has the disadvantages of high cost of remediation, which is more suitable for small closed water treatment.

(2) Physical fix.
At present, the commonly used physical remediation technologies mainly include: pollution interception, live water supplement, artificial aeration and dredging. Pollution interception is to use the way of intercepting the flow path of water pollution sources to avoid pollutants entering the water body.
At present, the main way is to build a collection pipe screen (Johnson collection pipe screen) to collect the pollution sources, and then treat the pollutants in a centralized way and discharge them up to the standard.
Living water supplement refers to the introduction of clean water source or slightly polluted reclaimed water into the black and odorous water body, so as to reduce the concentration of pollutants and thus play a role in repairing the water body.

(3) Bio ecological restoration.
Bioremediation technology is recognized as the most promising and promising technology, which has obvious advantages over chemical and physical methods.
It is difficult to control the black and odorous water body in essence by simple physical and chemical methods, so as to achieve the goal of long-term treatment.
Bioremediation technology is to degrade, transform and purify the pollutants with the help of the growth and metabolism of plants and microorganisms. Through bioremediation technology, it can restore the ecosystem function of water body, have the self purification ability, and fundamentally and long-term governance of black and smelly water body.

It is an important part of urban pollution control project to control the black and odorous water body in the city.
The treatment of urban black and odorous water body is long-term and complex. In the actual treatment work, based on the analysis of the causes and characteristics of black and odorous water body, various repair technologies should be flexibly selected and applied to improve the treatment efficiency and reduce the treatment cost.

At present, there are many limitations in the treatment technology. In the future, we should actively explore the treatment technology of urban black and odorous water body, and bring the treatment of black and odorous water body into the urban construction, so as to achieve the coordination between the treatment of black and odorous water body and urban development.

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