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Overview and classification of pressure sieve bend screen


Principle and structure 

Pressure DSM screen is a fast efficiency screen which depends on pressure wet material.  
The utility model is composed of a screen surface, a screen box, a feeding device and an outlet. Screen surface is the key component of pressure sieve bend screen. The utility model is assembled by stainless steel screen shaped screen strips. During operation, the wet material is ejected from the nozzle under the pressure of 0.2-0.4mpa. 
A high feed injection speed produces a tangential force. The triangular screen wedge forms a knife edge to wipe and scrape the materials into a thin layer, so as to evenly disperse the water and fine materials. The so-called “scraping” function is to make the materials easy to grade and the whole screen surface can be self cleaned. The material on the screen is discharged from the slag outlet, and the material under the screen enters the slurry outlet. 

Process conditions and factors affecting screening effect 

  • Screen surface arc angle: 120or specified radian.
  • Screen gap width: 50um, 75um, 100um, 150um, 200um.
  • Material handling capacity: 34 ~ 46m3 / h 4. Feeding pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa.
  • Screen surface width: 585mm, 710mm, 825mm.
  • Arc radius of screen surface: 762mm.
  • The screen surface is used in both directions and has a long service life.