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Selection of dissolution sinker


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In making a capsule variety, the import standard, the dissolution method is: placed in the 0 type dissolution sinker, paddle method 50R, about the 0 type dissolution sinker.

I asked several companies selling dissolution apparatus, such as Agilent, Fuchs, etc., including Pharmacopoeia, which stipulated the specifications and models of this sinker. There is only one type of sinker, but there are thousands of capsule models. Why is there only one settling basket model, and the sinker model sold by Agilent is still small (compared with my type 0 capsule).

Type 0 capsule: 20.7-21.7mm

Inner diameter of dissolution sinker: 20.3mm

What’s going on?

-Different types of capsules have corresponding sizes of dissolution sinker.

– Are you not using the original sink basket? For example, is Agilent’s dissolution instrument equipped with Agilent’s dissolution sinker? Also, as we all know, the dissolution instrument needs to be verified, so when using the sinker, do you need to re verify the sinker separately?

-You can find a special manufacturer to customize the appropriate size of the settlement basket: Bluslot.