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The internal structure and selection method of the Rotary drum grid


It is applicable to urban sewage, industrial sewage and domestic sewage treatment projects, intercepting floating objects in the water, and integrating intercepting lifting and crushing grid slag.

Equipment features of drum type grid decontamination machine

  1. The utility model is composed of a wedge wire rotary drum screen, a pressing rotating screw and a pressing stage with an electric motor, which has the characteristics of self-cleaning function and compact structure.
  2. The grid slag screw conveyor and the press dehydration device of the equipment are installed in the filter grid with the function of anti freezing.
  3. The sieve bone of the equipment is made of wedge-shaped stainless steel support wire, which has the characteristics of small maintenance and long service life(for details, please check: wedge wire screen).
  4. The slag cleaning device of the equipment works automatically according to the water level of the water inlet, which has the characteristics of high automation and low labor cost.
  5. The equipment is outdoor type, so the components and parts designed by our company can guarantee the service life in the harsh environment.
  6. It has the characteristics of small power, low noise and energy saving.

Performance of drum type grid cleaner

  1. It integrates sewage interception, slag removal, spiral lifting and press dehydration. The equipment is installed in the water channel at an angle of 35 degrees, and the sewage enters the drum from the end of the drum.
    Through the gap on the side of the drum, the grid intercepts the suspended matter and floating matter in the water in the drum.
    When the drum rotates, the grid slag shall be cleaned and output through the screw.
    After dehydration and pressing, the grid slag shall be discharged into the container or the subsequent transportation device, and the whole process shall be clean and smelly.
  2. Under normal conditions, the equipment can automatically control intermittent operation, but it can automatically operate continuously for 24 hours when the water volume is large and there are many solid pollutants. 
    The device is arranged in the sewage inlet channel to collect and remove particles and floating objects.
  3. During the operation, the self – cleaning rotating cylinder is used as the circle operation to effectively intercept the grid slag in the sewage.
    Install the high-pressure flushing device on the upper part of the rotary drum to spray the grid slag with strong force, and spray the filter slag into the spiral transmission device located in the grid basket to be transmitted out of the grid drum. At the same time, the grid slag is further dehydrated until the outlet of the grid is eliminated.
    The transmission and pressing of grid slag are completed in the fully sealed state, which effectively reduces the odor and meets the environmental requirements.