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where to buy wedge wire screen?


Wedge wire screen is a kind of metal filter material. Different from the traditional metal wire mesh filter material, it has a unique fully welded structure and continuous slotted gap. Its advantages are:

  • Fully welded structure, more robust and durable.
  • Continuous slotting structure, large opening rate and large flow area.
  • Pressure drop.
  • V-shaped structure, it is not easy to be blocked and easy to be washed and used repeatedly.
  • Self-supporting structure without supporting parts.

When you search for wedge wire screen manufacturers on Google, there are suppliers from all over the world. They show the same pictures, but 90% of them are traders who make huge profits by selling inferior products.

How to choose the right supplier? You will be more experienced after reading this article.

First, let us understand the world’s famous wedge wire screen brand.

Eight Wedge Wire Screen Manufacturers in the World

  • Trislot
    Established in Belgium in 1972.
  • Hendrick Screen Company
    A subsidiary of Hendrick Manufacturing, founded in 1974, is the oldest wedge wire screen manufacturer in the United States.
    Provides wedge wire screen filtration solutions for wastewater treatment, food and beverage manufacturing and treatment, petrochemical applications, mining and coal industries.
  • TOYO Screen
    Japanese manufacturer.
    It can produce products with a minimum filtration accuracy of 5 microns, which has advantages in the design of fine filtration products.
  • Bluslot Filter
    Founded in 1997, the only manufacturer from China.
    Provide industrial filtration and separation solutions, with more than 30 product technology patents.
    Compared with other internationally well-known manufacturers, Bloslot has huge advantages in product roundness and welding firmness.
    Because the factory is located in Anping County, the hometown of wire mesh in the world, and with modern production equipment, Bluslot has a huge price advantage.
    At present, Bluslot has become the largest exporter of wedge wire screen in China, and it is the brand with the most potential.
  • Multotec Group
    Multotec is headquartered in South Africa, with full-service registered companies and manufacturing plants in Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America.
    The main products include: screening media, processing equipment, wear-resistant linings, mill and scrubber linings, solid/liquid separation, conveyor belt system solutions, process water treatment, and mud pumps.
  • Federal Screen
    Federal Screen was established in Mississauga, Ontario in 1997.
  • Aqseptence Group
    Headquartered in Albergen, Germany.
    Provide professional products, equipment and system solutions for filtration and separation and water technology for various applications.
    Focus on various fields of perforation technology. The product portfolio includes stamping, drilling, milling, laser and electron beam perforation projects.

Why choose a brand when buying wedge wire filter products?

As industrial filtration, separation and water distribution have higher and higher requirements for the performance of filter elements, wedge wire screen have gradually replaced woven nets and become the most popular filter material for users.

More and more suppliers are seeing the “profitability” of the wedge wire screen market. However, high-quality wedge wire screen have higher requirements for production equipment and production processes, which has caused the current uneven product situation.

Common quality problems:

  • Roundness problem.
    Perfect roundness and high coaxiality are the embodiment of a manufacturer’s production process, especially in the application of backwashing and industrial dehydration industries.
    In the backwash filter, the wedge wire screen will be equipped with an inner scraper or an outer scraper to clean up residual impurities. If the roundness does not meet the requirements, the automatic cleaning device will not work normally.
    In the industrial dewatering industry, for example, sugar mills use sugarcane juice screen. In operation, the screen cylinder needs to rotate at a fixed speed. If the coaxiality is low, the service life of the product will be greatly shortened, especially the welding point, which is prone to problems.
  • Material problem
    In special use environments, special raw materials are required. For example, seawater filtration requires super duplex steel material, 2205 or 32750, and sometimes 904, 904L materials, etc. are used.
    Only brand manufacturers have the strength to purchase special and expensive raw materials in large quantities.
  • Welding problem
    Welding strength determines the service life of the product, especially in the environment where the pressure is relatively high.
  • Gap problem
    The most common problems are mainly in two aspects: the gap is not uniform and the gap size cannot be achieved.
    At present, the minimum accuracy of general manufacturers can reach 50 microns, and the world’s eight major brand manufacturers listed above can reach 20 microns.
    The best performers in this regard are Japan’s TOYO Screen and the Chinese brand Bluslot.
    TOYO Screen can reach 5 microns, and Bluslot can reach 7 microns. These two manufacturers are more competitive in fine filtration.

So if you need high-quality wedge wire screen products, buying from brand manufacturers is the best choice.

My recommendation

Each wedge wire screen brand has its advantages, and buyers can choose according to specific needs, cost control, and construction period requirements.

The above eight brands can provide you with professional filtration and separation solutions.

Bluslot is the youngest wedge wire screen brand. After it was established in 1997, it has perfected product equipment, product technology and product structure in eight years. It has three fully automatic production lines and a technical team of more than 20 people.

Another reason I recommend the Bluslot brand is its cost control for the product.

Why is Bluslot’s wedge wire filter products cheaper?

  • The factory is located in the place where the raw materials are produced.
  • Fully automatic production line, low labor cost.
  • Cooperating with many universities, the cost of new technology development is much lower than other brands.
  • The special production technology greatly reduces the defective rate.
  • Have a fleet of transport ports.

Bluslot provides global customization services, no matter which country you are in, you can receive the goods within one month.

Information to prepare before buying wedge wire screen:

  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Product size
  • Slot size

Professional manufacturers will provide drawings for your confirmation.

How to judge whether the supplier is a factory?

Here are some tips. Hope to help you identify the real manufacturer.

  • Is the product chain complete.
  • Are there pictures of similar products?
  • Do you have the ability to draw drawings.
  • Do you have professional suggestions and whether you have a deep understanding of the product?