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Application of Wedge Wire Filter In Brush Filter


Bluslot provides customized service of wedge wire filter elements for brush filter manufacturers all over the world.

Working process of brush filter

  • After the water filter is connected to the pipeline system, the water enters the water filter from the lower water inlet, and the water after filtering debris flows out from the water outlet.
  • When the impurities in water pass through the wedge wire filter, the volume is larger than the gap of the filter element, and the vent is intercepted on the wedge-shaped mesh filter element. When the impurities accumulate to a certain amount, there is a certain pressure difference between the water inlet and the water outlet.
  • When the water pressure difference between the inlet pressure gauge and the outlet pressure gauge of the wedge wire screen filter increases to the specified value, the diaphragm in the brush filter shell divides the inner cavity into upper and lower cavities, and the upper cavity is equipped with multiple filter elements, which makes full use of the filtering space and significantly reduces the filter volume. The lower chamber is equipped with a backwash suction cup.
  • During operation, the turbid liquid enters the lower chamber of the filter through the inlet and enters the inner cavity of the wedge wire filter through the diaphragm hole. The impurities larger than the gap of the filter element are intercepted, and the clean liquid passes through the gap to the upper chamber and then is sent out from the outlet.

Brush filter features

  • The flange of the inlet and outlet of brush filter is designed as a movable structure, which can rotate and adjust the direction of the screw hole arbitrarily, so as to facilitate on-site installation.
  • The internal anti-corrosion technology of brush filter adopts special non-toxic anti-corrosion technology, which has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, mildew resistance, etc.
  • The control system has a sensitive response and accurate operation and has multiple operation functions of time setting, differential pressure setting, and manual operation. It can flexibly adjust the backwash pressure difference or time setting value according to different water sources and filtering accuracy.