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Candle Filter Replacement Process


The liquid to be filtered by the wedge wire filter element is pressed in from the inlet of the filter, filtered into the clear liquid through the filter layer from the outside to the inside through the filter element, and then discharged through the outlet.

Impurities are trapped in the deep layer and surface of the filter element so that the liquid is filtered.

Replacement Procedure for Wedge Wire Candle Filter Element

  1. The filter receives the production instruction to replace the wedge wire filter element and confirms that the system has stopped running.
    2. Prepare appropriate wedge wire filter element (specification, material, size, O-ring material, model, etc.), disassembly tools, collection bucket, rag, etc.
    3. Clean the filter housing, empty the area around the filter, and leave an operation area. Take protective equipment.
    4. Disconnect the filter to be replaced by the system. Slowly open the exhaust port at the top of the filter to relieve the pressure. Pay attention to safety in the process to prevent material or liquid splashing.
    5. Empty the material in the filter, open the filter cover with tools, take out the wedge net filter element, and pack the filter element with plastic bags for scrapping.
    6. Clean the inside of the filter with a cleaning tool and cloth, and wait for a new filter element to be installed.
    7. Open the plastic bag at the opening end of the filter element and check whether the O-ring is in good condition and in place.
    8. The filter installs the material flowing in from the outside of the filter element and flowing out from the inside of the filter element.
    9. The filter shall wet the O-ring and filter socket with an appropriate wetting agent (such as water). Hold the end of the filter element close to the O-ring and insert the filter socket into the filter socket vertically. After the filter element is inserted, remove the packing bag of the filter element, install the metal cover, and tighten the filter with tools.
    10. Close the liquid outlet of the filter, open the vent valve on the top of the shell, slightly open the inlet valve to make the material enter the shell until the liquid overflows from the vent valve on the top of the shell, and then close the vent valve. Pay attention to check whether there is leakage at the disassembly place.
    11. Slowly open the outlet valve of the filter until it is opened. This indicates that the replacement is complete.
    12. Remove the replacement tools and cleaning tools.