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Category: Dissolution Accessories


Dissolution of capsules

Let’s start with a brief introduction The original product is tablet, which is made in Japan. The excipients are microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and magnesium stearate. The raw material is dissolved rapidly under acid condition, and it is dissolved in about 10 minutes, and the dissolution rate is more than 85%; About 75%…
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Selection of dissolution sinker

ASK (questions from customers) In making a capsule variety, the import standard, the dissolution method is: placed in the 0 type dissolution sinker, paddle method 50R, about the 0 type dissolution sinker. I asked several companies selling dissolution apparatus, such as Agilent, Fuchs, etc., including Pharmacopoeia, which stipulated the specifications and models of this sinker.…
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Bluslot dissolution accessories

Our Story Bluslot is a well-known wire mesh filter manufacturer in China, established in 1997.Bluslot is located in Anping County, the hometown of wire mesh in the world. It is an important producing area of raw materials for dissolution baskets and dissolution sinkers.In 2005, Bluslot produced the first batch of 40 mesh dissolution basket products. Relying on perfect…
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Do you need to add a dissolution basket?

ASK (questions from customers) Ask colleagues, capsule dissolution using paddle method without dissolution sinker, capsule floating on the liquid surface to do dissolution is feasible, read the dissolution guidelines, the capsule is recommended to use basket method, if you use paddle method, you need to add dissolution sinker. If there is no settlement, is it…
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Dissolution test of generic drug

ASK (questions from customers) At present, a generic drug is being developed, and the reference standards are only USP and import registration standards. USP standard: propeller method 50rpm (with spiral dissolution sinker).  Import registration standard: paddle method 50rpm (without adding dissolution sinker). The remaining parameters are the same as USP. Specification: 600mg, tablet weight: 1.2g,…
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Study on the quality of sustained-release capsules

ASK (questions from customers) I am now doing a quality study on the release of sustained-release capsules, the contents of which are sustained-release pellets. Now the problem is that the sustained-release capsule is floating on the liquid surface when it is put into the dissolution cup, so I use a dissolution sinker to sink it to the bottom…
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