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Centrifugal Wedge Wire Mesh Filter Element for Grinder


This product is a centrifugal wedge wire screen for a grinding machine developed by Bluslot.

The wedge wire screen filtration products used in the water treatment industry are relatively complete, but the filtering equipment used in the field of machine tool cutting fluid (oil) treatment is relatively simple, with low automation and filtration efficiency. Moreover, there is no follow-up treatment of dirty liquid (oil) after backwashing, which is not conducive to the recycling and environmental protection of cutting fluid (oil).

Secondly, the filtration accuracy is low, which can not meet the high-precision application occasions. Some existing filtering equipment uses a vacuum to form negative pressure filtration, but the conditions required for forming negative pressure are harsh. At the same time, the negative pressure has not played a significant role in infiltration, and the product price is expensive.

The results show that the accuracy of cutting fluid (oil) is increased from 50 μ m to 10 μ m, and the tool life can be prolonged by 1-3 times.

High precision cutting fluid (oil) is indispensable for precision machinings such as grinding, or common machining such as drilling, expanding, comparing, and boring in order to improve the service life and reliability of cutting tools (grinding wheels) and improve the machining quality of parts.

With the rapid development of the machine tool industry, the requirements for the accuracy of machine tool cutting fluid (oil) are higher and higher. At present, the equipment used for the purification of machine tool cutting fluid (oil) mainly includes a flat-screen filter, bag filter, etc. for the occasions with high accuracy requirements, various specifications of the filter tank are generally used.

However, feedback from many customers shows that traditional filtering equipment has many shortcomings, such as:

  • It needs to consume filter materials.
  • A small filter area leads to short continuous working time and frequent shutdown.
  • It requires manual operation and a low degree of automation.
  • The processing capacity is too small.

For this reason, Bluslot specially designed and developed a new Johnson screen filter element for the field of machine tool cutting fluid (oil) treatment, It has the characteristics of not easy to block, high opening rate, and strong mechanical properties.

In addition, Bluslot’s most competitive 10-micron wedge wire screen filter element has been applied perfectly.