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Johnson Type Sand Filter Screen


Johnson Type Sand Filter Screen

Petroleum, one of the main objects of geological exploration, is a kind of viscous, dark brown liquid, known as “the blood of industry”, which shows that the use occupies an important position in the industry.

As a kind of energy, oil is mostly hidden in the formation, so it is necessary to implement the corresponding technical scheme and equipment to collect it. When the oil is exploited in the formation, the sand control screen pipe is indispensable.

Oil wedge wire type sand control screen pipe can remove the sand block in the oil inclusion, and avoid the sand block doping in the oil to affect the oil transmission, but now most of the sand control pipes used in the oil mining can’t crush the sand and gravel inclusion so that the filtered sand and gravel with larger volume are accumulated on the periphery of the sand control pipe.

If the accumulation goes on for a long time, it is easy to block the sand around the sand filter screen.

To solve these problems, Bluslot designed and manufactured a sand control filter pipe with a uniform gap, firm structure, more wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.