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Cleaning and replacing methods and steps of excavator pilot filter element and oil suction screen


When the excavator is weak, generally the pressure is abnormal, it is necessary to replace the return oil filter, clean or replace the pilot filter element and suction screen.

Cleaning and replacement methods / steps of excavator pilot filter element and oil suction screen

  • Park the excavator in the posture of hydraulic oil level inspection on the hard and flat ground. Turn off the engine and place the safety locking lever in the locked position.
  • Clean around the tank cap to prevent foreign matters from falling into the tank. Remove the air vent cover, press and hold the hydraulic tank vent valve (5-7 times) to release the pressure in the hydraulic oil. Remove the bolt and cover on the oil tank, and take out the oil suction filter element.
  • Clean the oil suction screen with clean diesel oil or cleaning agent, and check the screen after it is completely dry. If there is a large damage on the surface, replace it with a new one. Check the two O-rings at the bottom of the oil suction filter element. If there is wear, please replace them.
  • Install the oil absorption filter element in turn, and then install the guard plate. Start the engine and run at low speed for 5-7 minutes, stretch and rotate the oil cylinders, then return to the standard posture of checking the hydraulic oil, shut down the engine and check the amount of hydraulic oil, if not enough, supplement it.
  • Finally, the replacement method of pilot filter element: release the internal pressure of hydraulic tank and hydraulic system before operation. Open the side cover beside the pump, remove the hose and connector filter element, clean the filter element with diesel oil, and then install it.

matters needing attention

It is recommended to remove the pilot filter element every 2000 hours and clean it with diesel oil. If the pilot filter element is not cleaned regularly, the filter element may be blocked or damaged. After impurities enter the pilot oil circuit, the gear pump, regulator and other parts will be worn, and the action will be abnormal.