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Wedge Wire Pump Suction Filter Screen


The wedge wire pump suction filter screen is the protection accessories above the feedwater pump. Its function is to filter the Cordyceps and impurities in the water source to ensure the normal operation of the feed pump and the purity of the water source.

When the water pump is working, a Johnson wedge wire screen basket should be set at the suction pipe orifice to prevent the sand and gravel mixed in the water from damaging the impeller of the pump.

The common screen basket mostly adopts the cover type filter screen or has the screen structure integrated on the pump body. These filtering devices are usually made of metal materials, which are easy to rust after a long time of use and are inconvenient to disassemble.

For this reason, Bluslot uses wedge wire mesh as raw material to design a new type of pump filter screen with anti-clogging, low-pressure drop, high flow area, firm structure, and long service life, which has become the most popular product in the market.

Wedge Wire Pump Suction Filter Screen

  • Interface type: horizontal in, horizontal out, flange connection.
  • Material: stainless steel 304,
  • Length: l ≤ 700.
  • Layout direction: horizontal.
  • Filtration accuracy:50 microns – 500 microns.
  • Accessories: counter flange and connector.
  • Function: To protect the pump and other equipment, valve normal use. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain wedge-shaped mesh, the impurities are blocked.
    When cleaning is needed, the detachable wedge wire screen can be taken out and reinstalled after treatment.
    Therefore, the use and maintenance are very convenient.