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Production Equipment For Perfect Roundness of Wedge Wire Filter


The perfect roundness of the filter element and screen basket has always been the goal of bluslot, and our equipment has given a perfect answer.

Many manufacturers will avoid this problem because the perfect roundness tests a manufacturer’s technological level and increases the production cost.

Roundness is a very important index of wedge wire screen filter element, which has strict requirements for production equipment and production process.

The advantages of perfect roundness wedge wire filter element are:

  • The larger flow area increases the efficiency of the filter element.
  • It is not easy to block.
  • It is more suitable for self-cleaning and a backwashing filter.
  • High coaxial, suitable for applications requiring rotation.

We have upgraded the production equipment, and the roundness control of our wedge wire screen filter is far ahead of the market.

  • Wedge Wire Filter Diameter: 16mm – 1200mm.
  • Slot size (min): 10 microns.
  • Slot tolerance: 0.005 mm.
  • Surface treatment: Pickling, polishing, anodizing.

Bluslot invests more than $300000 in R & D every year, which is used for new product development, equipment upgrading, and quality control system improvement.

We will make unremitting efforts to provide the perfect wedge wire screen filter products for global customers.