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Common Faults And Treatment Methods Of Wedge Wire Screen Self-Cleaning Filter


Fault 1: water leakage of self-cleaning filter

Water leakage of self-cleaning filter usually occurs in the transmission shaft of the filter (water leakage of cylinder and flange is not within this range). There are basically two reasons for this problem

  • The material or specification of the seal ring of the transmission shaft does not meet the requirements, so replace the seal ring that meets the requirements.
  • The seal ring is worn after long-term operation, resulting in water leakage due to loose sealing between the transmission shaft and the filter body. In this case, the problem can be solved by replacing the seal ring of corresponding specification.

Fault 2: failure of automatic blowdown valve of wedge wire screen self-cleaning filter

The fault of automatic blowdown valve is that the blowdown valve does not move or cannot be opened and closed during automatic cleaning.

  • This problem is generally caused by the selection of domestic electromagnetic blowdown valve, which is a pilot type. First, the electromagnet opens the pilot hole, and then the diaphragm opens the valve by relying on the pressure of water in the system.
  • Because the sewage water contains many impurities, it is very easy to block the pilot hole, resulting in the non action of the solenoid valve or the lax closing after opening.
  • Selecting electric ball valve or hydraulic solenoid valve as blowdown valve completely solves the problem that ordinary solenoid valve is easy to fail as automatic blowdown valve of self-cleaning filter.

Fault 3: automatic cleaning control system fault

The failure and frequent startup of self-cleaning control system cause the increase of cleaning water and the shortening of filter life.

  • This problem is generally caused by the parameter setting of the filter does not meet the working conditions.
  • This is mainly about the cleaning pressure difference and cleaning time interval set by the pressure difference. The filter cleaning system starts frequently. Generally, the problem of the control system can be solved by setting a larger pressure difference and time interval.

The self-cleaning filter does not need to be maintained without problems. In fact, the self-cleaning filter needs to be maintained and overhauled regularly. The purpose of this is to ensure that equipment faults can be found and handled in time, so that the self-cleaning filter can operate stably for a long time.