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Filter Element Interface Types


Wedge wire filter interface types

Wedge wire filter element is our main product. We have more than 20 years of production, research and development experience. At present, we are the largest exporter of cuneiform filter elements in northern China.

Our Wedge Wire Filter Types
Filter & Pipe & Candle & Cylinder & Casing & Nozzle & Tube & Sheet.

Wedge wire filter element is widely used in petrochemical, water treatment, beer and beverage, desalination, paper mill, sugar factory, mining and other industries.
Due to the different working environment of the filter element, the matching equipment varies greatly, with different interface forms.
The following are common interface forms.

Our products advantage

  1. Professional technical team.
    Our technicians have rich R & D experience, and can provide professional product customization suggestions for customers.
  2. Interface welding equipment.
    We have mature welding workshop, equipment: laser welding, argon arc welding, plasma welding, fusion welding, intelligent welding robot, etc.
  3. Advanced welding technology.
    Through more than 20 years of wedge wire filter element production, our welding process is ahead of the peers, and the welding position is firm and beautiful, which can perfectly hide the weld.
    Especially for the wedge wire rotary drum screen products, the hidden weld can greatly improve the service life of the products.
  4. Product design services.
    We can provide customers with solutions for the overall design of products, including raw materials, overall dimensions, gap size, interfaces and other design solutions. And provide 2D and 3D drawing services.

We can provide customized services for various interfaces according to customers’ requirements.

  1. Product design and development.
  2. Product processing and customization (ODM & OEM).
  3. Product quality testing (raw material testing, product quality testing, packaging testing, etc.).
  4. After sales service (product quality and problem feedback, product maintenance and installation guidance, etc.).

In addition to the interface form shown above, we can also customize it according to customer requirements.