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Filter element of ammonia liquid filter


  1. No.: BLU-AYG
  2. Material: Stainless steel 304
  3. Type: Wedge wire screen filter element
  4. Use: Ammonia liquid filter

Bluslot customized stainless steel filter screen elements specially used in ammonia liquid.

Ammonia filter is a widely used tower internals. It is a fast and efficient filtration equipment. When the wedge wire filter is blocked, it can use the system to flush the filter material and restore the function of the filtration equipment without affecting the normal operation.

  • Automatic separation.
  • Simple installation and low land occupation.
  • High temperature, high pressure, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
  • High filtering precision..
  • Reliable operation and simple maintenance.
  • It can be widely used in the fields of raw material ammonia filtration and residual ammonia filtration in coking plant.


  • In the field of environmental protection, the pretreatment of wastewater after chemical coagulation, sludge and floc filtration, dehydration, ion exchange, electrolysis and activated carbon adsorption; Filtering treatment of suspended solids in boiler wet dedusting wastewater (closed-circuit circulation can be realized); Terminal treatment of air flotation and evaporation concentration; Oil water separation treatment of oily wastewater; Various flue gas filtration, etc;
  • The filter is suitable for the separation of solid suspended particles and oil in liquid, especially toxic medium;
  • It can be widely used in water treatment, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, light industry, food, medicine, textile, papermaking, coking and steel industries.


  • High filtration efficiency: the oil removal rate is 80-90%, and the removal rate of suspended solids with particle size greater than 5um is about 90%;
  • High regeneration efficiency: the simple gas-liquid rapid recoil method can regenerate the blocked ceramic filter element efficiently and quickly, and the service life of the ceramic filter element is long;
  • Excellent chemical corrosion resistance: resistant to various acids, alkalis and salts, most organic solvents below 70 ℃, tasteless, non-toxic and no foreign matter dissolution;
  • Thermal stability: the thermal stability of the filter material is 200-20 ℃ and does not crack for three times;
  • Filtration accuracy and filtration rate: it is related to the average pore diameter, wall thickness, filtration pressure difference and material parameters of microporous media. It can be correctly determined through experiment and calculation. It can be filtered at the filtration rate of 5-10m / s.