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Johnson Screen Filter For Sodium hypochlorite plant


The system of sodium hypochlorite generator for electrolysis seawater consists of automatic flushing seawater filter, seawater booster pump, seawater desander, sodium hypochlorite generator, sodium hypochlorite storage tank, dosing pump, pickling equipment, rectifier transformer, rectifier cabinet, control cabinet and power cabinet.

Johnson screen (wedge wire) filter element is widely used in the production of sodium hypochlorite from electrolytic seawater.

Application 1

The seawater required by the system is introduced from the outlet of circulating water pump through the pre filtration of filter screen.
The screen used here is wedge wire screen.

Application 2

Automatic Flushing Seawater Filter (With Johnson Screen Filter Element)

In order to prevent larger solid particles in seawater from entering the sodium hypochlorite generation system, causing system blockage and abrasion of system pipes and electrodes, two 100% automatic flushing seawater filters are set at the inlet of seawater pump.

Function: remove impurities of particles

Quantity: 2

Output: 56m3 / h

Screen material: 316L

Shell material: 316L

Screen accuracy: 40 microns

Composition: shell, cover, shaft, wedge wire filter element, backwash motor, electric drain ball valve, differential pressure controller and control panel.

The backwashing process of the seawater automatic washing filter is controlled by the pressure difference switch at the inlet and outlet of the filter.

When the pressure difference exceeds the set value, the automatic backwashing program starts to wash the dirt on the wedge wire screen filter element.

Operation principle:

The filter uses the pressure difference of the system to automatically perform backwashing without affecting the flow of seawater, and does not require independent supply of cleaning liquid during cleaning.

During normal operation, sea water enters into the wedge wire filter drum from the filter inlet, and all impurities larger than 0.4mm remain in the filter screen.

This process continues until impurities accumulate in the filter tube to a certain extent, resulting in an increase in the differential pressure.

When the differential pressure controller reaches the preset value (0.035MPa), the automatic backwashing starts.

Through the rotation of the screen body, each filter element pipe is respectively connected to the backwash outlet, and each pipe of the filter is effectively flushed with backwash water, and the flushing impurities are discharged into the trench through the drain valve.

The entire operation process is performed automatically through differential pressure control. When all the wedge wire filter tubes have been cleaned, the automatic backwash cycle stops, and the filter returns to the normal mode until the next time the differential pressure controller operates, and cleaning is repeated.

Application 3

Seawater Desander

Due to the large amount of sand in the seawater, in order to prevent sand particles in the seawater from entering the sodium hypochlorite generation system, causing system blockage and abrasion of system pipes and electrodes, two 100% centrifugal sand removal systems are set up at the outlet of the seawater booster pump Device.

Composition: it is composed of upper cylinder, lower cylinder, tank and electric drain valve.

Function: sand removal

Quantity: 2

Output: 56m3 / h

Wedge Wire Centrifuge Screen Basket material: 316L

Shell material: 316L

Screen precision: 33 microns

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