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Johnson Screen For Nutshell Filter


We Produce Wedge Wire Filter Element Products For Walnut Shell Filter.

Walnut shell filter (Nutshell filter) , including folding paddle, lower receiving screen(wedge wire screen filter), tank, upper water sieve(Johnson Screen Lateral Assemblies), stirring shaft and observation hole.

Walnut shell filters are lightweight filters, the main structure includes an upright cylindrical tank.

The upper part of the tank is provided with a water inlet pipe, and the lower part of the tank is provided with a water outlet. The mixing shaft is provided with a folding paddle, and the tank body is provided with a Johnson water distribution screen pipe above the folding paddle.

The lower part of the folding paddle is provided with a lower wedge wire water collection screen pipe, and the filter material with walnut shell as the filter material is arranged between the upper water distribution screen pipe and the lower water collection screen pipe in the tank body.

Working Principle

  1. Oily sewage enters the tank from the water inlet pipe.
  2. The material contacts with the filter material through the upper Johnson water distribution screen tube, and the filter material absorbs the oil dirt in the sewage, so that the oil content is reduced, and the sewage is discharged from the outlet.
  3. After a period of use, the filter material will lose its filtering effect due to the adsorption of excessive oil. At this time, the filter material needs to be backwashed to regenerate the filter material.
  4. During backwashing, the stirring shaft drives the folding blade to rotate, and the folding blade stirs the filter material to make full contact with the washing liquid, and repeatedly stirs to separate the oil from the filter material, so that the filter material is regenerated.

Wedge Wire Filter Element For Nutshell Filter

We customize wire wrapped screen filter element products for walnut shell filter manufacturers all over the world.

Our advantage:

  1. Maximum filtration accuracy up to 10 microns.
  2. Various sizes of processing, customization, design services.
  3. Special surface treatment technology can improve the service life of products by more than 40%.
  4. At present, we have established long-term cooperation with more than 30 global nut shell filter manufacturers, With rich production experience.

Walnut shell filter media

Walnut shell filter material is a soft plant polishing material, with excellent abrasion resistance and uniform particle size, it can be widely used for cleaning and polishing of molds, instruments, motors, plastics and other parts.

The walnut shell filter material made of walnut shell after finishing processing is the best material for oily sewage purification treatment.

The filter material filter has the advantages of strong adsorption force, large amount of interception, resistance to oil immersion, dual-effect removal of oil and suspended matter, and easy regeneration.

It is mainly used in highly automatic control water injection filters, sewage filters, well filters, etc., and is a necessary clean water material for oil and water in oil fields, refineries, petrochemical projects and other environmental protection projects.

Its superiority lies in the benefits of wear resistance, no pedantry, no agglomeration, and easy regeneration. It can be filled with 5-10% each year.

At the same time, this product is also a new type of oily sewage disposal material, with a degreasing rate of more than 95%, and has excellent economic benefits and environmentally friendly water treatment effects.