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Screen For Wheat Scourer


Johnson Screen / Wedge Wire Screen For Wheat Scourer / Grain Milling
We Provide Customized Service of Screen – Johnson Screen | Wedge Wire Screen

The wedge wire screen of our wheat scourer (wheat threshing machine) is welded with wedge wire and stainless steel bar.

High strength, tough and wear-resistant, good wheat effect. Its performance has reached or exceeded foreign technical indicators.

The opening area rate is high, and the Johnson screen of the wheat scourer machine is not limited by the mechanical strength of the steel plate, and the opening rate can reach more than 50%.

The gap(slot) is wedge-shaped, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, it is not easy to block.

Under the impact of wheat grains, the surface of v-wire screen produces frequent vibration, which can make the shriveled grains and impurities blocked in the screen holes spring out again, thus playing the role of automatic cleaning of screen.

Improve the efficiency of screening machine, make the wheat out of the machine cleaner.

The traditional wheat scourer uses perforated sieve plate, there are several disadvantages of this screen:

  1. Poor wear resistance and short service life. Due to the limitation of punching strength, the steel plate can not be too thick. Therefore, the steel plate punching screen has poor wear resistance and short service life, generally about 2000t of treated wheat, it is necessary to shut down the machine frequently to replace the screen, which will affect the economic benefits of the flour mill.
  2. Limited by the mechanical strength of steel plate, the hole distance should not be too small, resulting in the low opening rate of steel plate punching screen (generally about 30%).
  3. Easy to block mesh. The elasticity of Q235 steel plate is small. When the wheat grains collide with the screen under the driving of the beater, the rebound force produced by the steel plate is small, which makes the shrinkage wheat and impurities easy to block the mesh.
  4. Not easy to clean. The screen surface is smooth, especially when the screen is used for a period of time, the surface is more smooth. When the wheat grains collide with the screen under the driving of the beater, there is only slight friction, which does not promote the wheat grains to turn and rub, resulting in the incomplete and uneven cleaning of the wheat grains surface.
  5. The flatness of the sieve surface is poor. During the punching process of the screen, the steel plate is deformed by the wing bending under the repeated pressure of the punching pin, and the flatness of the screen is poor, which affects the screening effect.

Wheat scorer screen is made of bent wedge wire screen panels. If you need this product, you can leave us a message.