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Johnson Vibratory Screen For Jigging Machine


Johnson vibratory screen

With high strength, good rigidity and strong bearing capacity, it can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes.

Our factory has the most sophisticated Johnson screen processing equipment and testing system. The processing accuracy of the vee wire can be up to ±0.05mm, the opening accuracy of the stainless steel slotted screen surface can be up to ± 0.05mm, and the minimum slot size can be up to 0.01mm.


Vibrating screen is widely used in screening, filtration, dewatering, desliming and other operations in many industries.

Various characteristics of materials, different structures of sieve plates, materials and various parameters of sieve machine all have certain influence on the screening capacity, efficiency, roughage rate and service life of Johnson vibrating screen. Different materials and different places should choose different sieve plates to achieve the screening effect.

The Johnson vibratory screen plate shall have sufficient strength, high opening area rate and not easy to block holes.

When the vibrating screen vibrates, the sieve plate passes through different shapes and sizes of materials, and the size of materials. Under the action of the vibration force, the materials of different sizes are separated to achieve the purpose of classification.

Each series of screening is divided into single-layer and double-layer screens. The mesh size, mesh edging type and angle can meet the requirements of facilities, please specify when ordering.

Our company can also provide a variety of sieve bend screen, users can choose different sizes and openings of arc screen plate according to their own needs to meet their actual needs.
(sieve bend screen for coal washing plant)

Jigging Machine Feeding Device And Johnson vibratory screen Installation

In order to ensure the good production status of jigging machine, it needs careful adjustment of various parts. However, some users do not adjust the equipment in the actual production, so that they can not achieve good beneficiation effect.

Some users have reported that the sorting effect is not very good, but they still don’t know why. Through the observation and analysis of the technicians, it was found that the problem was originally the feeding device of the jig. So how to design and install the jigging machine feeding device?

The feeding device shall be able to ensure the uniform distribution of the material along the whole Johnson vibratory screen width, and shall not make the material enter the jigging machine with too much downward impact force, otherwise, the first end bed will be flushed and disordered, so that the small density ore particles will be mixed into the heavy products. Therefore, the feeding chute should be controlled with proper slope.

We have mentioned a lot about the installation and use of jigging machine. Someone asked if there was any good method for the installation of Johnson jigging machine screen. In fact, this problem is very simple, jig has a good effect in the actual replacement of vibratory screen.

The Johnson vibratory screen position of jigging machine is fixed. After purchasing the screen, you can first remove the screws around the jig box, then remove the clips, cut the vibratory screen of the same volume, and then put it into the fastening.

Remind you that when you purchase the Johnson vibratory screen, you must confirm the appropriate material and specification with the supplier. To choose a strong enough sieve screen, so that it can better withstand the pressure from the ore and media.

Matters needing attention

When the hopping chambers of two jigging machine are connected, there should be a certain height difference between the vibratory screens, which is called drop.

The drop has an effect on the treatment capacity and product quality of jigs. Large drop, large horizontal movement speed of bed, large ore handling capacity but short separation time. Therefore, if the specific gravity difference of light and heavy minerals is large, a large drop can be used.

The sieve plate drop of jigger of ore dressing equipment is generally 50-100mm. The drop is too large, there is jet flow between the jigs, which destroys the normal loose bed and affects the separation index.