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Johnson Slotted Screen For Bead Mill


Sand/bead mill machine is widely used in coating, dyestuff, ink, pesticide, tape, papermaking, leather chemical industry and other industries. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable starting, stepless speed regulation of feeding, high continuous production efficiency, convenient color change, easy cleaning and simple operation.

The working principle of the sand mill is the liquid-solid mixture that has been pre dispersed and wetted. The material is sent to the grinding cylinder by the feeding valve at the bottom of the grinding cylinder by the feeding pump, and the grinding medium in the grinding cylinder is stirred by the high-speed rotating disperser together.

It can make the solid particles in the material and the grinding medium produce strong shear and impact, and achieve the purpose of grinding the particles and dispersing the polymer. The dispersed liquid-solid suspension flows out through the separator (Johnson screen separation) on the top of the grinding cylinder.

The Johnson bead mill (sand mill) screen is also called the wedge wire bead mill screen and slotted sand mill screen.

It is made of V-shaped stainless steel wire (surface wire) and support wire by winding and welding.

The surface wire is connected with the support rod by resistance welding, the strict continuous integrity makes the filter screen of the bead mill have the minimum area to withstand high pressure.

Different raw materials can be selected according to the needs of different working environment for the production of precision Johnson filter screen of bead/sand mill, mainly including:

Model 304 and 316L stainless steel, Monel copper nickel alloy Hastelloy super duplex stainless steel 904L titanium alloy and other special materials.

Johnson Bead And Sand Mill Screen Specification Customization

We provide customized services of various sizes.

We cooperate with many bead mill manufacturers at home and abroad, and now we have 1.5L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 40L, 60L and other slotted screen baskets. If there are special models, welcome to consult and order!

Our screen basket is nitrided! Rockwell hardness is above 58. It has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance!

Our surface wire is not ordinary triangle silk! But there is a 1 mm thick customized surface wire, more wearable, more durable, can greatly improve the service life of the Johnson screen basket!

Characteristics of Slotted Bead Mill Screen

  1. Large screen surface for maximized throughput rate. Continuous slotting structure enables it to have a larger filtering area.
  2. Special v-wire structure, only two points contact with the material, not easy to block, easy to clean and reuse.
  3. Low pressure, high flow.
  4. Strong mechanical properties.
  5. Strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Matters needing attention

  1. If the machine is stopped for a long time, check whether there is peeling paint slurry on the top slotted screen before starting the machine. If there is, clean it with solvent to avoid blocking the screen and causing roof falling.
  2. In case of “roof falling”, stop the machine immediately to clean the slotted screen, place the pulping basin, adjust the speed of the pulp supply pump and restart it. Otherwise, the paint slurry may invade the main shaft bearing and cause bearing wear, or damage the slurry pump.

We are a professional Johnson screen manufacturer in China. We can provide all kinds of customized services for customers all over the world.