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Lauter Tun Screen With Handle


Blutslot provides wedge wire false bottom in lauter tun.

The purpose of saccharification is to soak as many soluble substances in raw materials as possible, and create conditions conducive to the action of various enzymes, so that many insoluble substances can be dissolved into soluble substances under the action of enzymes, so as to obtain as many dissolved substances as possible, and the proportion of components is appropriate.

During saccharification, phospholipase can dissolve – part of the undissolved organic phosphate in malt, so as to increase the buffer capacity of mash. The optimum conditions for phospholipase were pH 5.0 and temperature 50 ~ 53 ℃. When the temperature was 65 ~ 70 ℃, the enzyme activity was inhibited. Therefore, the lower pH value of wort is conducive to the smooth progress of saccharification.