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Cow dung drying treatment process cow dung dryine machine


Bluslot customized manure separator specially used in dewatering of livestock farm manure.

What is a Cow dung dewatering machine? What is the use of Cow dung dewatering machine? Large cattle farms use flushing to clean the cow dung of captive farms, which will cause a mixture of cow dung and a large amount of water. These mixtures remove organic matter through biogas fermentation. After deodorization, they are dehydrated by cow dung solid-liquid separator. The water content of dehydrated cow dung is about 70 to 75.

In order to further dry the dehydrated cow dung, a set of screw press is designed behind this process to squeeze and dry the cow dung again. The power of the squeezing equipment is relatively large, and the dryness of the outlet of the screw press can reach below 55.

The machine has small screw diameter, high speed and short screw length in the screen, that is, the machine has the advantages of small volume, large output and low energy consumption.

Cow dung dehydrator the feeding mode of the machine is generally pumped into the feed hopper by screw pump, and the solid and liquid are quickly separated. It is suitable for dehydration when the water content is high. Generally, the water content of slag after dehydration is between 75-70.

Advantages of cow dung dehydrator

  • The use of cow dung dehydrator can convert the feces in fresh sewage into valuable fish feed or organic fertilizer. The separated sewage enters intermittently
  • Enter the biogas digester, which can give the anaerobic digester a full digestion time, make the active bacteria in the digester multiply more vigorously and produce gas f higher.
  • The content of methane gas is naturally high, and the high gas purity is naturally overcome, so as to solve the problem of abnormal operation of biogas generator.
  • The volume of the old biogas digester originally built by farmers is too small, and the drainage and retention time of sewage into the digester is too short, resulting in too high sewage concentration discharge. Before the sewage enters the digester, use the livestock manure and cow manure dehydrator for treatment, which can effectively reduce the COD and BOD content of sewage and reduce the operation load of biogas digester, so as to reduce and simplify sewage discharge.
  • The sewage treated by the cow dung dehydrator enters the biogas digester. It can effectively solve the crusting phenomenon of biogas digester and eliminate the work of cleaning biogas residue.

Performance characteristics of cow dung dehydrator

  • Advanced nature: this series of machines has strong decontamination capability, no clogging and easy cleaning. Solid content, chemical oxygen consumption and total oxygen consumption of treated manure and urine water
  • The removal rates of nitrogen and phosphorus can be between 70-95.
  • Practicability: the slag liquid separation speed of this series machine is fast, the water content of fecal slag after separation is between 50-60, and the slag discharge and water content can be adjusted,
  • It can be applied to feed with different components (such as grass and concentrate feed), which is convenient for transportation. Its solid particles are very suitable as raw materials for fish feed and organic fertilizer.
  • Durability: the frame, screen frame, screen and of this series are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion treatment, with corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life.
  • Economy: this series has high degree of automation, low power consumption and low price. Easy to operate, just press the start stop button to operate.