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Maintenance of slope manure separator


Bluslot customized manure separator specially used in dewatering of livestock farm manure.

Repair and maintenance of inclined screen solid-liquid separator: in order to ensure the service life of the product, regular inspection and maintenance shall be carried out, and the lubricating oil shall be observed once a week; The reducer is not greased when leaving the factory. Add engine oil before use (45# engine oil mark shall be subject to half). During refueling, the remaining waste oil shall be discharged through the oil drain plug, and then added through the oil filler hole.

matters needing attention

  • The original fecal water must be mobile.
  • There shall be no long fibers (grass, rope, convenience bag, etc.) and no hard objects (iron wire, nails, etc.) in the original fecal water.
  • The raw material of livestock manure cannot be fermented manure.
  • The extruded wastewater cannot be reused as the original fecal diluent.
  • Oil (about 2-3kg) must be filled before commissioning.
  • Drain the waste water and check the engine oil regularly (1 month).

Application of animal manure after treatment by solid-liquid separator

  • The dried chicken manure dehydrated and separated by the livestock manure dehydrator has almost no odor and low viscosity. It can be directly used as fertilizer or as cattle mattress material.
  • The dry chicken manure dehydrated and separated by livestock manure dehydrator can be mixed into grass bran, fully stirred, added with strain fermentation and granulated to make compound organic fertilizer.
  • At the same time, it can be made into pellet feed, which is a good feed for fish.
  • It is used for fertilization of flowers / special cash crops, which can transform the organic matter of soil.
  • The sale of organic fertilizer can obtain additional economic benefits.

Working principle of slope screen solid-liquid separator: use the underwater cutting pump to send chicken manure and fecal water to the livestock and poultry manure dehydrator, squeeze and separate the solid substances through the spiral shaft arranged in the screen, and the liquid flows out of the liquid outlet through the screen.