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Lithium Battery Slurry Filter Element


Lithium Battery Slurry Filter Element

Lithium Battery Slurry Filter Element

In the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries, in order to ensure continuous and effective coating work. It is necessary to filter the positive and negative slurry to intercept particles.

The currently used filter element is generally a long cylindrical stainless steel mesh filter element. It has a three-layer structure, from the inside to the outside a supporting steel structure, stainless steel supporting net, and stainless steel mesh with specific mesh. Both ends are fixed by welding and cannot be disassembled.

During use, it is easy to accumulate slurry between the three-layer structure. It is difficult to clean, and it needs to be soaked in thinner several times and ultrasonically washed to clean it. The cleaning cost is high and there are many pollutants, especially the oily lithium-ion battery slurry.

The stainless steel mesh is easily damaged during cleaning. The non-detachable and one-piece structure will lead to the scrapping of the entire filter element. Short service life and frequent replacement are not conducive to cost control.

The purpose of the utility model is to address the deficiencies in the prior art. Now provide a device with a simple structure, convenient use, and maintenance. It can effectively solve the difficulty of cleaning the existing filter element. A filter element for lithium battery slurry filtration with short service life and high cost.

In order to solve the problems of the technologies described above, the technical solution adopted in the utility model is:

  • A filter element for filtering lithium battery slurry.
  • The filter element has a three-layer structure, with stainless steel supports from the inside to the outside. Stainless steel filter screen and polypropylene fixed outer mesh.
  • The supporting body, the filtering screen, and the fixed external net are arranged coaxially.
  • Both the supporting body and the fixed outer net are hollow structures.
  • The filter screen is covered on the surface of the support by manual wrapping.
  • And fix it through the fixed external network.
  • Annular grooves are arranged on the outer walls at both ends of the stainless steel support body.
  • The inner wall is provided with threaded holes, and the middle part is a perforated cylinder wall.  

Beneficial effect

When the filter element is used to filter slurry. The slurry flows from the outer wall of the filter element to the inside, and the pressure from the outside to the inside can prevent material leakage from the overlapping part of the filter screen.

When the filter element needs to be replaced, only needs to peel off the fixed outer net. Take out the clogged filter screen, replace the clean filter screen and fix it again. It is extremely convenient to use, effectively improves the efficiency of a line change, and reduces the waste of slurry and the amount of washing waste liquid.

In an embodiment of the utility model. The inner diameter of the stainless steel support body 7 is more than 120mm.

On the one hand, a larger filter area can be provided. On the other hand, the cleaning of the inside of the support body 7 is facilitated. The height of the support body is not specifically limited.

Make appropriate adjustments in combination with comprehensive factors such as the required filtration area and space constraints. The height of the threaded hole 2 at both ends of the support body is 15mm, and the annular groove is arranged in the middle of the outer wall of the threaded hole. The groove depth is 2mm and the width is 3mm.