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Nuclear Power Filtration Separation Grid


Nuclear wedge wire grid (screen) is used in hydrogenation reactor, desulfurization reactor, molecular sieve, gas desulfurization reactor and other absorption systems.

The utility model comprises a ring-shaped coaming, which is surrounded by a cylindrical filtering space, and a filtering grid is arranged at the bottom of the filtering space.

The wedge wire screen grid is fixed around the bottom edge of the coaming, the filter grid comprises a longitudinally arranged winding wire and a longitudinally arranged reinforcing bar, and the winding wire and the reinforcing bar are interwoven to form a mesh grid with a filter screen.

The reinforcing bar is supported on the top of the profile wire (wedge wire), and a plurality of baffles are arranged in parallel in the filtering space. The two ends of the baffles are respectively fixed on the inner wall of the baffle, and the baffles are arranged parallel to the axis of the baffle.

The material of Johnson screen vee wire and bar is 316L stainless steel.

In the nuclear power filter separation grid, the gap between the profile wires is 0.05mm, and the gap between the support bar is 0.05mm.

The nuclear power filter separation grid is made of triangle section wire wound and mesh reinforcement interwoven and welded, even in the process of hydrocracking and desulfurization, it can easily resist collapse and bending.