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The Usage and Notice of Pam Flocculant For Coal Washing Plant


Usage and dosage of polyacrylamide for coal washing plant: 12-18 million of anionic polyacrylamide, 14 million of non-ionic, 10-ion and 30-ion plating were used.

Coal washing plant with polyacrylamide, also known as special agent for coal washing, settling agent. The molecular weight ranges from 8 million to 18 million.
In order to make slime water precipitate rapidly in the thickener, ensure the production of qualified washing water and pressure filtration slime, and make the production run efficiently and economically, proper flocculant must be selected to strengthen the treatment of slime water.
The production practice shows that polyacrylamide has a good effect on the treatment of slime water, can accelerate the sedimentation of slime, and is helpful to the production of pressure filtration.

Usage and dosage of polyacrylamide for coal washing:

  • When it is used, a 0.1% concentration of water solution should be prepared to use PM neutral water without salt impurities.
  • When dissolving, the anionic polyacrylamide product is evenly sprinkled into the stirred water, and the stirring speed is controlled at 100-300rpm. Proper heating 10-30 ° C can accelerate dissolution.
  • Adjust the pH value of the treated solution so that the anionic polyacrylamide product can be fully used to select pH value 6-8 and the dosage of this series of products through the test.
  • When adding the polyacrylamide product solution, the mixture with the treated solution shall be accelerated, and the stirring speed shall be slowed down after the occurrence of floccules, so as to facilitate the growth of floccules and accelerate the sedimentation.

Application effect of polyacrylamide for coal washing:

The coal mined out in coal mining usually contains some impurities, the separation efficiency of coal and impurities can be improved by adding flotation agent. The clean coal floats out and the tail coal settles.
The clean coal in the tail coal is then recovered by sedimentation, filtration or centrifugation.
Polyacrylamide is used in the sedimentation process to promote solid-liquid separation.
Then it is sent to the thickener, and the clear water is recycled and recycled by the overflow of the thickener.
The powdered coal is filtered and centrifuged for recovery.
In the process of filtration and centrifugation, polyacrylamide was added again to improve the separation efficiency.

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Generally speaking, the addition of polyacrylamide solution for coal washing is the key link in the treatment of slime water, it will be helpful to improve the flocculation effect if proper adding method is adopted.