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How to prevent fire and explosion of HYDAC hydraulic oil filter element?


HYDAC filter element is testing the properties of dust and gas to determine whether the dust and gas have combustion and explosion properties.
We should fully understand its working conditions and consider the following fire and explosion-proof measures:

  1. Filter materials resistant to mixing or not easy to burn shall be selected for high temperature gas treatment.
  2. A combustion chamber is set in front of the filter element dust remover to make the dust and gas that are not fully belligerent burn acetylene completely or set the fire as a catcher to prevent Mars from entering the equipment.
  3. Use a metal box and keep the system unobstructed to avoid dust accumulation, and find that the dust is accumulated and cleared in time.
  4. Set explosion-proof pressure relief ports in necessary parts of the system.
  5. The dust collector is located outdoors, and there must be lightning protection measures. If it is located indoors, there must be an explosion-proof pressure relief port on the external wall and an automatic fire extinguishing device.
  6. Take measures to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, and use conductive materials to ground all parts.
  7. Green-proof electrical equipment is used. Alarms and automatic parking systems must be installed to handle combustible gases.
  8. The fan limb is installed at the back of the dust collector to avoid sparks caused by debris in the air stream hitting the impeller and casing.
  9. When HYDAC filter element dust remover is used for toxic and harmful gas or dust, special attention should be paid to its danger. It is necessary to prevent this kind of gas or smoke from being discharged into the room, and prevent the smoke from returning to the room through doors and windows.

Obviously, disaster prevention measures to prevent combustion or explosion need only remove any of the three conditions mentioned above.
A careful analysis of the actual operating conditions of the bag filter can reveal that Many stagnation or accumulation of dust in various parts of the equipment are flammable and explosive.
Some dusts have the nature of natural ignition or electrification. Under such operating conditions, combustion and explosion accidents may occur, and the consequences of such accidents are often serious.

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