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Pressure Screen Basket


SS304 Pulp Machine Pressure Screen Basket

Slot Type Fiber Pressure Screen Basket For Pulp And Paper Product Line – Paper Mill – Improve the quality of paper
Johnson screen is widely used in the pulp and paper industry. We provide customized service of pressure screen for global customers.

Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L.
Max Diameter (basket): 1800mm.
Min slot size: 0.02mm
Type: Slot Screen Basket – Hole Screen Basket – Fine Screen Basket – Corse Screen Basket – Inflow Screen Baskets – Outflow Screen Baskets.

Pulp and Paper Making Machine Pressure Screen Basket is widely used in the pulp cleaning process and fractionation.
Bluslot™ can manufacture a pressure screen basket for all brands and models of pulp equipment.

Pulp screening is an essential process in pulping. The pressure screen is one of the important equipment to achieve pulp screening. Its basic components are composed of a pressure screen basket and a rotor.
The type of pressurized screen and rotor determines the screening effect, screening capacity, and the operation of the screening system.

Our Wedge Wire Pressure Screen Basket Filter Advantage

  1. Wedge Wire Pressure Screen Basket

    Pressure Screen Basket

    Special v-wire structure, not easy to block, easy to clean.
  2. Adopt circular fusion welding, all-welded structure, the welding position is firm and the service life is long.
  3. Continuous slotting structure, high opening rate, low pressure, energy-saving, and cost reduction.
  4. Self-supporting structure with high mechanical strength.
  5. The use of high-quality raw materials and special surface treatment processes. Increase the abrasion and corrosion resistance of the product.

The slotted screen cylinder basket has better chip removal efficiency than perforated screen plates.

Pressure Screen Basket

Slotted Paper Pulp Mill Pressure Screen Basket

Pressure Screen Basket

Inflow wedge wire pressure drum screen basket is a screening tool in pulping equipment in the paper industry. It can be used not only for pulp screening before papermaking in the papermaking process but also for fine screening of waste pulp.
Therefore, there are two kinds of functions of pressure sieve screen in the papermaking process, namely pulp screening and waste pulp fine screening.

Slot Size

In the internal flow pressure screen, the size of the gap of the screen drum is a very important technical parameter.
The size of the screen gap (slot) determines the opening area of the screen. Generally, the larger the screen area of the pressure screen, the larger the gap size.

Pressure Basket Screens

Pressure Basket Screens

At the same time, the screening speed will also increase, but the quality of screening will be significantly reduced, so a secondary screening is required.

(open area rate = slot size / width of profile wire + slot size)

Working Principle

The working principle of the pressure screen basket is roughly the same as that of the pulp wedge wire screen panel and sieve bend screen.

  1. The pulp enters the cavity between the cylinder and the pressure drum screen basket.
  2. The pressure difference from the two sides of the pressure screen basket allows the qualified fibers in the pulp to flow through the screen gap to the inside of the screen drum.
  3. And then discharged from the lower outlet.

The high-speed rotation of the rotor not only speeds up screening but also makes it self-cleaning by centrifugal force.

Screening efficiency of Slotted and Hole Type Pressure Screen

  • The pressure screen basket is divided into a slotted screen plate and a hole sieve plate.
  • The screening efficiency of the slotted screen is higher, and the quality of the screened pulp is better.
  • The right figure of screening efficiency of hole screen and slit screen.
  • For the operation of screening, because the opening rate of wedge wire screen is smaller than that of hole screen, the pressure difference increases accordingly, the same rotor produces more front and rear pressure pulse, plus the eddy current effect at the slit, which is beneficial to the passage of long fibers and the elimination of slug blocking at the wedge wire screen.
  • The wedge wire screen is conducive to the stability of the operation and operation and prevents the pressure screen from being blocked.


Hole pressure screen baskets: always used for coarse screening.
Slotted pressure screen baskets: used for fine screening, the screen slot is adjustable.

  1. Separation of unwanted debris or contaminants from required fibers in paper pulp,Also widely used for fine screening of wood pulp, straw pulp, and waste paper pulp
  2. paper machine thin-stock recirculation system。
    Remove debris (fiber bundles) and other large hard contaminants.

Fractionation, fiber retention, water purification, cleaning dewatered pulp screens, drying, and other liquid-solid separation processes.

We are a Johnson screen filter cartridge manufacturer with rich experience in China. We can customize various specifications of the Pressure Screen Basket (Paper Processing Machinery Parts) according to the needs of customers.

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