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Johnson Coater Filter


Our Johnson coater filter screen, cylinders and element can be used for screening slurries, sizing agents and color pigments.

Johnson Coater Filter Screen For Screening Slurries

In the entire paper manufacturing process, especially in the production of coated paper and white paper, the role of paper coatings is essential. It can change the opacity, air permeability, flexibility, printabaility and writing of paper. .

Paper coatings are composed of pigments, adhesives and additives.

The uniformity of the particle size and distribution of the pigment is important to the quality of the paper, in the process of preparing paper coatings, it is inevitable that there are impurities such as paper wool, paper scraps, particles, etc., and even a large number of air bubbles are generated during the batching process of paper coatings.

This requires a Johnson Coater Filter Screen (wedge wire filter) to remove impurity bubbles to improve production quality.


Outflow wedge wire rotary drum screen and inner wedge wire rotary drum screen.

Outflow pressure drum screen is used for rough screening, net screening, and pre-screening of pulp.
Min slot size: 0.01mm
Size: Φ468*745,Φ301*645 (or as your need).

Inner flow pressure drum screen (rotor blade outside the sieve drum) is a modern international advanced pulp screening equipment. It has the characteristics of high screening quality, large capacity, and pulse bottom. The fine screening equipment for pulp is especially suitable as a screen screening equipment for paper machines.
Inner flow pressure screen is used in the pulp and papermaking system of fine pulp and in front of the screen of the paper machine.

The coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating process production of films, papers, etc. This machine is used to coat a roll of substrate with a layer of glue, coating or ink with a specific function, and then roll it after drying.

It uses a dedicated multi-functional coating head, which can realize various forms of surface coating production. The unwinding and unwinding of the coating machine are equipped with a full-speed automatic film receiving mechanism, and the PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control.

Coating machine types

  1. Brush type
    Brush coaters are the oldest coating equipment and were originally used in the 1850s to produce coated wall paper using porcelain clay coatings.
    There are 3 different types of brush coating heads: round brush coating head, blanket roll coating head and blanket cover coating head.
  2. Air knife
    The advent of air knife coaters in the 1930s marked the birth of the modern paper coating industry.
    The air knife coater overcomes the shortcomings of the brush coater and was quickly promoted, resulting in a sharp increase in the output of coated paper.
  3. Scraper
    The first patent for a blade coater appeared in the 1950s.
    There are many types of doctor blade coating heads depending on the loading equipment, the type of doctor blade, and the installation position of the doctor blade.
    Such as hard blade doctor coater, trailing blade doctor coater, soft blade doctor coater, fountain-type feeding doctor knife coater, short stay doctor knife coater, Bill doctor knife coater, doctor roll coater Cloth machine, etc.
  4. Roller
    Roller coating is the application of a coating to a coating surface with a coating roller, and this type of coating machine is mainly used for in-machine coating.
    The coating amount can be adjusted by the pressure between the metering rollers. When the pressure is increased, the throughput of the coating is reduced, and the coating amount is also reduced.
  5. Spray coating
  6. Curtain coating
  7. Slit coating