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Wort Filter Element


Many factors will affect the brewing process and the quality of the final product. The turbid beer will make it lose its charm.
Most brewers around the world choose barley malt as the raw material for beer brewing. The mixture of starch broken down into sugar still contains various proteins and debris, which need to be removed by filtration.
If these foreign particles are not filtered, the protein will affect the taste and transparency of the beer.
Our wedge wire filter element (the core components of the wort strainer/filter) can efficiently filter out large impurities and coagulated proteins in the solution.

Sanitary wort filters / strainers are small devices that remove fine solid particles from liquids and protect the normal operation of the device.
When the fluid enters the wedge wire screen filter element in the strainers, its impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged through the filter outlet.
When cleaning is needed, as long as the removable wedge wire filter cartridge is taken out and re-installed after processing, it is extremely convenient to use and maintain.

Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L.
Size: As your need.
Slot size: Min 0.01 mm.
Sealing ring: Food grade silicone rubber seals.
Interface connection: Quick installation, threaded connection and removal of clamps, sanitary sleeves or bolts.  
Performance: Liquid filtration, precision filtration, high efficiency filtration, large temperature difference resistance, corrosion resistance.
Surface treatment: Polishing, electrolytic.
Application: Widely used in various brewing (equipment) industries, beverages, food, dairy products, medicinal solutions, chemicals, etc.

Wedge wire filter tube Vs Perforated metal tube

  1. Structural strength – Wedge type > Perforated type
    The profile wire and the support rod are fully welded, and the wedge wire filter element has higher mechanical strength.
  2. Filtration area – Wedge type > Perforated type
    With special V-shaped wire structure and continuous slotted structure, Johnson screen type filtration products have larger filtration area.
  3. V-shaped wire structure, not easy to block and easy to clean, low pressure drop.
  4. The wedge-shaped filter element has a longer service life.

We provide wedge wire screen filter customization service for global stainless steel wort filter manufacturers.

Our stainless steel wedge wire filter can be used in inline wort strainer, and side inlet wort strainer.

Inline wort strainer

Side inlet wort strainer
The side inlet strainer has a removable, wedge wire screen filter tube which can be cleaned, serviced, or replaced.

The methods of wort filtration include filter tank method, rapid exudation tank method and filter press method.
Most breweries currently use a filter tank method.
The saccharified mash was allowed to stand after entering the filter tank, and the malted grains settled on the sieve plate to form a filter cake. The filtrate relied on its own gravity to filter out wort through the filter cake.

We also provide customized services for related products: wedge wire lauter tun screen & wedge wire mash tun screen.